Prompt Treatment For Emergency Dental Problems

Seeing a dentist as soon as possible increases the chances of a positive outcome

If we look after our teeth well, most of us would probably expect our trips to the dentist to be for routine examinations only. Life though, doesn’t always work out that way, and dental problems can occur with no forewarning, sometimes leaving us in significant pain.

Even the best dental care in the world can’t prevent accidents, such as falls or collision that could leave you with damaged and broken teeth.

Tooth decay and toothache can also strike, especially if you don’t clean your teeth well, or haven’t seen a dentist for some time. Even those who look after their teeth may suffer if their teeth are not as strong as they could be, due to family genes.

When pain strikes, or significant damage has occurred, you should always try to see a dentist as soon as you can, and not delay treatment any longer than is necessary.

When you need an emergency dentist?

The fact is that, when you suffer from a toothache, or when a tooth breaks, you should seek prompt advice from your local Canterbury dentists. Depending on your symptoms, an appointment will be made as soon as possible. We offer an emergency clinic from 8am to 9pm every weekday morning, whether you are a patient of Bradley & Partners Dental and Implant Clinic or not. This is a fee paying appointment, although free if you are a registered Denplan patient. Full information can be found on our emergency dentist page on the website.

We will always do our best to see you as soon as we possibly can, and priority will be given to the more serious cases. Please let our receptionists know the nature of your problem when you call us for your emergency appointment.

Some symptoms happen very rapidly and then fade a little. This can lead to some patients putting off making an appointment, for example when a person is nervous. Taking painkillers for a toothache can help to relieve the symptoms, but may convince the patient that their problem is manageable. Rarely though, does the problem go away and delaying treatment will likely cause further issues.

Why you shouldn’t wait

A delay in receiving treatment is never a good idea though. No dental issue gets better on its own, and nearly all will become worse. A toothache, for example, does not come of its own accord but is likely to be caused by either tooth decay or a root canal infection. In both cases, if left, this is likely to spread, and you may find yourself not only in worse pain than before, but also needing to have more of the tooth replaced by a filling, or even having to have it extracted if the damage is too great.

Broken teeth can also cause lacerations in your mouth and allow bacteria to enter the tooth. This will eventually lead to decay. In addition to this, a broken tooth is a weakened tooth and you may lose even more of it as it breaks further and more easily. Both issues require prompt treatment to preserve the natural tooth as far as possible.

What to do whilst you wait for your appointment

We always advise you to call us as early as you can when a dental emergency strikes so that we can see you as soon as possible. Even an hour saved will be a huge relief for anyone who has a very bad toothache. You should call our emergency dental line on 07469 733149 between 8am and 10am. Registered patients of Bradley & Partners Dental and Implant Clinic will also be given advice over the phone about how to be as comfortable as possible until your appointment time.

You may wish to take your usual painkillers to reduce any discomfort. These will not react with the local anaesthetic, and patients should not be afraid to take them if they need them. It is best to avoid doing anything that may aggravate the problem further; so avoid using the tooth in question to eat and avoid both hot and cold drinks if you have a toothache.


If you have had an accident and caused damage to your teeth, you will naturally want to have them treated by your dentist as soon as you possibly can. If you have also received other head injuries in doing so though, please make sure that you are checked out at A&E for any potential head injuries, before you make your dental appointment.

Regular and ongoing professional care will help to keep your teeth as strong and healthy as they possibly can be, helping to prevent issues such as tooth decay. No one can legislate for accidents but it is always good to know that our local dental team are here to help you in your hour of need.

To register at our practice, or to make a general appointment, our Canterbury clinic can be contacted on 01227 463529.