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Seasonal Habits That Are Bad For Your Teeth

A change in seasons can have an impact on our teeth advises local Canterbury dentist Summer seems to be trying to hold on by the skin of its teeth, at least for now, but most of us will have noticed

Teeth Whitening – An Affordable And Effective Way To A More Attractive Smile

Ask a Canterbury dentist about this popular cosmetic treatment There was a time when we simply accepted that our teeth looked less attractive as we grew older. Most people’s teeth would discolour and take on a yellowish shade. This was

Gum Disease And Tooth Loss

Ignoring early signs of gum disease could result in losing teeth It has long been instilled in us by our parents that it is important that we brush our teeth. This is good basic advice and although taking good care

Oral Cancer – Helping Our Canterbury Patients Stay Safe

Mouth cancer can be life changing or even fatal. But there are things that you can do to help avoid it…. At the Bradley and Partners Dental and Implant Clinic, we believe in whole mouth health. This means that not

Bruxism – Damaging To Teeth And Difficult To Control

Grinding our teeth whilst we sleep can cause long term damage There are a number of things that can cause harm to our teeth and gums. Some of these, such as eating too much sugar, can be controlled with a

Seven Benefits Of Dental Implants

Why an ever increasing number of people are turning to this excellent tooth replacement technique There are essentially four options available for anyone who loses a tooth, or a number of teeth. These are leaving the gap as it is,

Enhance Your Smile With Dental Veneers!

Boosting smile aesthetics with this popular treatment in Canterbury A smile can really lift our day and a great looking smile even more so. It is said that the first thing that most of us notice about other people is

Managing Fear Of The Dentist

Some tips and advice for our Canterbury patients on how to make dental visits less stressful When we write our blogs, we know that some of them might only appeal to a relatively small number of you at any given

Wishing You Had Straighter Teeth? – Invisalign Could Provide The Ideal Solution

Are too many people deterred from having their teeth straightened because they don’t want to wear braces? Are you one of those people who looks in the mirror at your teeth and feels frustrated because they look good apart from

Beware Of Potentially Dangerous Teeth Whitening Products

Highlighted by the BBC today, there are still many harmful cosmetic dental materials available online Some of our Canterbury patients may have noticed an article on the BBC website today regarding potentially dangerous teeth whitening products being sold online. This