Same Day Dental Implants In Canterbury

Replacing multiple missing teeth in just a single treatment visit.

Many of you will probably have heard about dental implants; about how they can be used to replace a missing tooth.

There is no doubt that this offers an excellent method for replacing a missing tooth, but what if you have lost a number of teeth, or even the full arch? Can dental implants be used to replace them too?

The answer is ‘yes’, although perhaps not in the way that you might imagine. The ‘obvious’ solution would be to replace each tooth individually with an implant. Whilst this could potentially work, it would require a very lengthy treatment period and would be extremely expensive. The good news is that this can usually be done more efficiently and by using far fewer dental implants, usually four, although sometimes a few more, depending on individual circumstances.

All on 4 technique – new teeth in just one day!

Other names for this procedure include ‘immediate loading implants’ and ‘same day teeth’. Unlike individual implant placement, the patient does not need to wait for the osseointegration period (jawbone bonding) to complete before they can use their new replacement teeth, although some initial care should be taken as we will discuss later.

To replace multiple consecutive teeth, or even a full missing arch, a number of implants are placed at strategic positions into the jawbone by one of the experienced implant dentists at Bradley and Partners Dental and Implant Clinic. This is very similar to individual placement except that the implants that are used towards the rear of the jawbone are specially designed to be placed at around a 45 degree angle. Doing so greatly increases their initial stability and allows them to act as a very firm and solid anchor.

With individual placement, you would then have to wait around three months before the abutment and crown were fitted, following the implant fusing with the jaw bone. Thanks to the rear implants though, this is not necessary, and, to complete your teeth replacement procedure, a fixed bridge, or occasionally specially fitted dentures, are then attached to the dental implants that have just been placed. Once this has been done, the treatment is complete and you can leave us with a new set of teeth in just a single visit to your Canterbury dental practice!

IV sedation option

We do understand that some patients are very cautious about having this treatment due to its invasive nature, and the fact that it is one of the lengthier dental procedures. Both anxious dental patients and anyone wishing to have the procedure in a less stressful manner, might wish to take advantage of our IV sedation service. This allows patients to be awake during the procedure, but in a totally relaxed state. In fact, most people do not remember the surgical procedure that they have undergone when they have sedation. If you are interested in this, please discuss it with your dentist during the consultation period.


As your treatment is now complete, you can in theory go home and eat anything that you want. We would however, strongly recommend that you exercise caution initially. The reality is that, although you do not need to wait before you can use your new replacement teeth, you will have undergone a procedure that may leave some residual discomfort whilst the healing takes place. If you attempt to eat foods that put too much stress on your new teeth, you are likely to find it quite uncomfortable. We advise that you start by eating softer foods for a while until the implants have started to heal more, and then gradually introduce harder foods into your diet.

As with individual dental implants, you will still need to look after them and keep them clean. Although the replacement teeth can’t decay, being made from artificial materials, gum disease and peri implantitis are real possibilities if you don’t clean around the implants well. Both of these are threats to your new implants and should be avoided at all costs if you want to retain your implants in a healthy condition.

The good news is that to keep implants clean, all that it requires is what you should be doing anyway with your natural teeth! A good brushing routine, along with daily flossing and six monthly visits to the hygienist at our Canterbury practice should keep your new implants in good health.

Whilst most patients suffer no after effects from their new teeth implants, we are of course, always here if you have any concerns at all about them, or any other dental issue you might be worried about. All you need to do is to pick up the phone and call us and we will do our very best to arrange a convenient appointment time for you.

Please call Bradley and Partners Dental and Implant Clinic on 01227 463529.