Same-Day Teeth

Also known as immediate loading Implants

You may have heard or seen it in the press – someone with no teeth is fitted not only with implants but also with perfect looking provisional teeth on the same day. With modern implant and restoration techniques, this is a common reality and it is, without doubt, life changing.

Same day teeth can relate to one single tooth, multiple teeth (something called bridgework) or, most commonly, a full jaw or full mouth of teeth. In some cases, the natural teeth have been missing for some time. In other cases, the failing natural teeth are removed on the same day as the implants are placed and provisional teeth fitted.

How is this achieved:

Traditionally, implants were left to heal and blend with the surrounding bone (a process call integration) for a period of several months.

In many cases, modern and improved implant design and the use of precisely fitting abutment components, has led the patient to benefit for teeth fitted to the implants on the same day.

Our on-site laboratory is heavily involved in the provision of same-day teeth and some of the most satisfying work we do as a team is in this way.


Advantages of same-day teeth:

  • Placing a dental implant helps stop the bone and soft tissue from shrinking
  • A return to form and function and aesthetics almost immediately
  • Patient satisfaction is very high
  • Patients usually sedated for the morning surgical procedure

Patient survey results 2018:
Same-day teeth Patient satisfaction survey % satisfied


Patient survey results 2018:
Patient memory of surgical procedure after Intra-venous sedation