Introduction To Our Dental Services

Whether you need routine dental care or a smile improving cosmetic treatment, we are here to help!

Welcome to the very first Bradley and Partners dental blog. In the future, we will be looking at different aspects of the procedures that we provide at our Canterbury dental clinic, along with the latest in dental and general oral health news. These blogs are written with our patients in mind and we hope that you find them useful. If you have a topic that you would like us to cover, please do let us know.

In today’s blog, we take an introductory look at some of the main services that we are pleased to offer our patients.

General family dentistry

For many people, making sure that they see a dentist to help ward off tooth decay and other common problems is an essential part of their overall health plan. This usually means a six monthly check-up to make sure that all is well, and, where a problem is detected, to ensure that it is treated during its early stages.

There are a number of treatments that fall under the ‘general dentistry’ tag, and these typically include:

Fillings – The most common treatment. This is used for filling a cavity caused by decay and also where a tooth has broken away. The most common materials used for this procedure are amalgam (darker coloured fillings) and composite (more natural tooth-coloured fillings). Both of these have their pros and cons and we will discuss these with you at the time.

Gum disease – This is a problem that is more serious than many believe. Whilst in its early stages it can usually be treated with relatively straightforward ‘scale and polish’ procedures and improved care at home, it can, if left to advance, result in periodontitis which can damage the bone and cause eventual tooth loss. Regular dental checks and hygienist cleans, as well as good home cleaning, are the best way to avoid this problem.

Root canal treatment – Often feared by patients, but in reality no more uncomfortable than most other procedures, this is an effective way of preserving a tooth where the root canals have become infected.We will discuss this in more detail in a future blog, but essentially it involves removal of the infected material, replacing it with a special filling and then restoring the tooth with a dental crown.

Crowns – These are used not only to complete a root canal treatment, but also where a tooth has badly broken and a where filling would not satisfactorily restore it. They are also used as the final part of a dental implant procedure, but more of that later.

Extractions – When a tooth cannot be saved, or the prognosis is very poor, it may be necessary to remove the tooth altogether.

Dentures – Where a tooth is missing, this is a well known and trusted way of replacing it. Increasingly however, dental implants are becoming the preferred option.

Cosmetic dental procedures

In addition to making sure that you have a healthy mouth, many of our Canterbury patients are now taking up the option of cosmetic dentistry to achieve the best looking smile that they possibly can. This can be achieved using a number of different treatments.

Dental implants – These are not purely cosmetic and also offer a great practical advantage over dentures when it comes to replacing missing teeth. These warrant a blog of their own, but basically, a titanium ‘artificial root’ is placed into the jawbone and allowed to fuse with the bone in a process known as ‘osseointegration’. Once this has happened, a crown is attached to give a strong, stable and highly functional tooth replacement.

Teeth whitening – One of the best known and most popular cosmetic dental procedures; this offers a great way to restore the whiteness of your teeth using a non invasive treatment. Our fast acting whitening procedure can leave you with great looking teeth in no time at all.

Orthodontics – having crooked teeth not only spoils an otherwise attractive smile but can also make it more difficult to keep your teeth clean. Although many people dread the idea of wearing dental braces, these appliances have moved on from the older style metal braces that were highly visible. Modern orthodontic systems such as Cfast and Invisalign, can now straighten your teeth effectively in a much more discreet way.

Dental veneers – These are sometimes described as ‘fingernails for the teeth’ although this is not strictly true for reasons we will discuss in a future blog. Essentially, they are used to replace damaged or badly stained surface enamel on the visible front teeth and are usually made from porcelain.

We hope that this brief introduction has whetted your appetite for reading our future blogs a little. We are aiming to provide two or more blogs a month which we hope you will find useful.

In the meantime, why not take a look around our website to find out more about the treatments and services that we provide at Bradley and Partners and, if you would like to make an appointment to see one of our dental team, please call our Canterbury Clinic on 01227 463529.