Is now the time to replace those missing teeth?

See how dental implants can be potentially life-changing

single dental implantThe Covid-19 situation has been terrible in many different ways. In addition to the large number of  tragic deaths, many people have been hit with financial worries and other anxieties. Not everyone has struggled so much though and some of you may not have found it quite as difficult and may have even saved a little money over the past few months.

Until recently, we were not allowed to eat in restaurants or take weekend breaks away and  some of us may find that we weren’t spending as much as before. Many holidays abroad will have been cancelled too and even though we can fly now, albeit with some restrictions, it is likely that many of us will decide not to risk it and may decide to put the money saved to other uses.


If you are one of these people, this could be the perfect opportunity to consider your options to replace any missing teeth with dental implants. Whilst many may still opt to wear dentures, simply because they are the cheapest option initially; with money you may have saved during lockdown, this could be an ideal time to invest in a longer term tooth replacement option that offers an excellent degree of strength and stability.

Why not dentures?

Dentures work well for some people. They are much improved aesthetically on older types and many now offer a greater degree of comfort than previously. They are typically the cheapest option at the outset and also usually require little or no dental surgery. Why then are an increasing number of people abandoning their dentures for dental implants? The simple reason is that implants offer more strength and security and look and feel as close to a natural tooth as is currently possible. Dentures, on the other hand, can have a tendency to move in the mouth when eating or speaking and some wearers find that they limit their choices of food accordingly.

Individual and multiple tooth replacement

At Bradley and Partners Dental and Implant Clinic we are pleased to provide Canterbury patients with implants to replace either individual or multiple missing teeth, including a full arch where necessary. All options provide you with an excellent opportunity to have replacement teeth that will allow you to eat and speak without any concerns about stability or appearance.

Individual implants

Where a single tooth has been lost, we will need to place an implant into the space where the tooth once was. This is done using a local anaesthetic and precise positioning will be determined following x-rays and scans to make sure we avoid any nerves in the area and to ensure correct alignment. The implant will remain in place for approximately three months whilst it bonds with the jawbone. Once it has done so, a crown can be attached to complete your new replacement tooth. Once placed, and with diligent care, your replacement tooth could last for twenty years, and very often many more.

Multiple implant replacement

Where several adjacent teeth are missing, these don’t need to be replaced by individual implants. Instead we can use a small number of implants to support bridge work or even a full arch of new teeth. Certain techniques also allow you to start eating a wide range of foods quite quickly after the implants have been placed and even before final healing has completed. Our team will be pleased to illustrate all of your options.

Who is suitable?

Anyone can be assessed for dental implants placed once their facial features have fully developed. It is important though that there is sufficient bone present for the implant to be placed securely in to. This can be a problem when the tooth has been lost some time ago and where the bone in that area of the mouth has been re-absorbed by the body. Our implant team will check for this during your consultation and if this is shown to be the case, will discuss your options with you. One of these is to have a procedure such as a bone graft or sinus lift beforehand which re-build the bone structure and allow the procedure to take place.

If you are interested in the treatment, it’s also worthwhile noting that we offer finance plans to help you to spread the cost of the treatment over time. It is also worth remembering that once implants are placed; providing that you look after them well, there should be relatively few ongoing costs for many years. When compared to the maintenance cost of dentures, this is a considerable benefit.

For more information about teeth implants in Canterbury, please call Bradley and Partners Dental and Implant Clinic on 01227 463529.