Are You Looking For An Improved Smile in 2020?

Our Canterbury based dental team can help you to achieve your aims.

People smiling with great teethIt is not only the start of a new year, but the start of a new decade too, and what better way to go into this new era with a smile that you are proud to show off to the world. You may think that your current smile is a long way off this at the moment, but cosmetic dentistry can really change it for the better and often boost your confidence too!

Everybody is different, and some patients may require a relatively varied course of treatments to achieve their aims, whilst others may only need a single treatment. The best way to assess your options is to arrange a no obligation consultation with one of the cosmetic dentists at Bradley and Partners Dental and Implant Clinic.

Let’s start by taking a look at some of the treatments that we currently have available to help you.

Dental implants

With our own laboratory, and a wealth of experience in our team, we are well placed to be able to offer dental implants to any of our Canterbury patients who have missing teeth or are unhappy with their current replacements. Dental implants are now a well established and highly effective way of replacing missing teeth and have a number of advantages over other methods.

Teeth implants are not only long lasting, with a typical lifespan of 20 years or more with good care, but they are also straightforward to look after. No more messy cleaning rituals as with dentures; you can simply treat them as though they are natural teeth. In addition to this, implants not only replace the crown part of a tooth, but the root too, helping to prevent bone loss from occurring in that area of the jaw.


We offer a range of orthodontic systems (braces) to help you acheive a nice even smile. These range from the typical ‘wire and bracket’ system to a newer method of transparent trays that sit directly over the teeth; the most popular known as Invisalign. This is an excellent system that is almost invisible to those around you and can be removed when eating meals and when cleaning your teeth.

Invisalign has a range of uses, even more complex cases, but for those requiring less extensive treatment, especially where the teeth affected are at the very front of the mouth, a fast acting orthodontic system such as Cfast braces may be used instead. Our cosmetic dental team will examine you and offer an action plan for the best way forward.

Teeth whitening

Most patients will be familiar with the effects of a  teeth whitening procedure. Even if you don’t watch programmes such as Love Island, you will almost certainly have come across some of the participants on other TV shows or in other media. We are sure we aren’t the only dental practice in the country who have had patients enquiring about a ‘Love Island smile’. The reality, of course, that these are not natural smiles and will be the result, in most cases, of a teeth whitening procedure.

This affordable and non invasive treatment is a great way of restoring your teeth’s whiteness to a level that you are happy with. The results are long lasting and can be repeated when necessary with no risk to your teeth.

Dental veneers

You may think that your teeth are past the point where they can be whitened? This can happen, especially amongst people who have severe staining or their teeth have flaws such as cracks or chipped enamel. All is not lost though and your teeth can still be restored using a porcelain tooth veneer. Instead of whitening your natural tooth, veneers are used to replace the flawed surface. This does sometimes require an invasive treatment to remove a fine layer of the affected tooth enamel but your new veneers should last you for approximately ten years providing that they are looked after correctly. We will advise you more about this when you have a consultation at our Canterbury dental clinic.

The next time you look in the mirror, please take a close look at your smile. Are you really happy with it or are there aspects of it that you would like to improve? If so, why not arrange to see one of our team to have a conversation about your needs and we can then discuss the best way forward for you. We are confident that we can help you to have a smile to be proud of!

To arrange your initial consultation at Bradley and Partners Dental and Implant Clinic, please call us on 01227 463529.