Planning Cosmetic Treatment For The Festive Season

Facial aesthetics & cosmetic dentistry – get ready for those Christmas & New Year celebrations!

Patient after cosmetic dentistryYou may not have given too much thought to Christmas yet, or perhaps just started to get ready, buying in food and maybe a few Christmas presents as well.

In the rush for Christmas though, we may sometimes have a tendency to forget ourselves and how ‘we’ can make the most of it, as well as for our friends and family.

One aspect of Christmas and the New Year that we sometimes don’t spend too much time planning for are the parties and social gatherings that happen at this time of year. We may be pleased when they are all over and we can put our feet up, but most of us enjoy them and want to look our best when we attend. This is where our Canterbury based professional team can help!

The importance of planning

When we are going to a party, we can open our wardrobes and slip on the garment of our choice, but when it comes to changing our appearance though, we need to plan in advance. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the two main options available to help you here at Bradley and Partners Dental and Implant Clinic.

Facial treatments

Although ‘ageism’ may be slowly on its way out, few of us would deny that there are certain aspects of being younger that we would like to bring back if it were possible. One of these is likely to be our appearance, and especially that of having smoother looking skin and ‘losing the wrinkles’.  Although a healthy diet can help to slow down this process, it is not likely to make any significant steps in reversing it once the wrinkles have started to appear.

At Bradley and Partners Dental and Implant Clinic, we offer two methods through which patients can restore some of that youthful appearance to their skin; namely wrinkle reduction and dermal fillers. Each of these work in different ways but are both useful in producing smoother and younger looking skin.

Wrinkle reduction serum is injected just underneath the skin in very small doses. It is a safe technique but we will of course discuss your health and general situation to make sure that you are a suitable candidate during the initial consultation. It works by blocking signals to the nerves which prevent the muscles from contracting, causing the wrinkles to relax and smooth out and making them much less prominent.

Dermal fillers are applied in a similar way but act differently. Together with ‘plumping’ they work by helping to boost the level of hyaluronic acid in the skin. This both revitalises the skin and provides additional volume, helping to smooth out wrinkles. It can also be used in targeted areas such as sunken cheeks. Another common area is in the lips, where they have become thinner with age.

Whilst both of these treatments involve injections, which may deter some people,  they are not likely to cause any significant level of discomfort. The needles are very fine and our qualified clinicians take a great deal of care.  Wrinkle reduction usually takes around 2 weeks for the maximum results to be seen and dermal fillers approximately 4 weeks although this will vary according to each patient.

Please note that in some cases, some small light bruises may occur around the site of the injection and you may wish to schedule your treatment away from social occasions, at least for a few days to let any minor bruising subside.

A whiter smile

Another thing that we lose as we get older is the whiteness of our teeth. This may be due to some surface staining of the teeth but is equally likely to be caused by the natural process of the inner part of our teeth darkening with age.  This can only be reversed by lightening it again, something that we do at our Canterbury practice when we apply our teeth whitening procedure.

This treatment is non invasive and pain free. A few patients may experience a little extra sensitivity for a short while afterward but this typically subsides very quickly. To avoid spoiling your social occasions, we advise having this treatment a short time beforehand to allow any sensitivity to return to normal. For most people however, this is not an issue.

The teeth whitening procedure is fast acting and you can plan it in advance to really give your smile a boost before the Christmas and New Year festivities begin in earnest.

If you’d like to enter the festive season looking and feeling your best but aren’t sure where to start, our friendly dental and facial aesthetics team are here to offer experienced advice. You will not be put under any pressure and the choice of treatment is entirely yours to decide, assuming all is safe to proceed following your discussions with us.

To arrange your pre-festive consultation at our Canterbury clinic, please call us for an appointment today on 01227 463529.