Single Implants

A lost tooth is replaced for many reasons and a dental implant represents the ‘gold standard’ for a number of reasons:

  • It allows a return to full biting efficiency and function
  • It prevents adjacent teeth from tipping or over-erupting into the space
  • It provides optimal aesthetics on smiling

Advantages of this procedure include:

  • The end result is natural looking
  • It’s so strong it allows the eating of almost anything
  • Studies demonstrate that it is very long lasting
  • It preserves both bone and soft tissue
  • The adjacent teeth do not have to be filed down unlike a bridge
  • The adjacent teeth are not overloaded
  • It does not de-bond or fall out like a crown
  • It is irremovable by the patient
  • It will not decay
  • Alternatives measures to try and stretch out the longevity of a failing tooth - such as root canal/crown are less predictable and have a higher failure rate

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