Implants Can Be Used To Stabilise Dentures

Often, a patient will not want a full set of teeth fixed to dental implants.   The most obvious reason for this is economics.  However, the patient will want to rid themselves of loose and ill fitting dentures that rock about when they are eating and, by virtue of being dentures, limit their ability to smile and their confidence. 

Fortunately, implants can also be used to support and retain dentures.  The usual way to do this is to fix a precision attachment to the implant.  The precision attachment then ‘locks in’ to the inside of the denture –preventing its movement when eating or smiling.

Dentures can be stabilised with 2 implants in the lower jaw and between 2 and 4 implants in the upper jaw.  The dentures that are designed to fit implants are much thinner and stronger than conventional dentures and do not need to cover the roof of the mouth.  Implants used in combination with dentures can be truly life-changing.