Costs of Implant Treatment

Dental implant treatment is an interplay between precise engineering in miniature and the biological process. Rather like the services of a skilled watchmaker, it is inherently expensive.


The initial consultation is competitively priced at £75. This not only includes the time spent with you in-surgery but also the bespoke, detailed and lengthy treatment plan and for any X-rays you may need at the initial consultation. For registered patients who are internally referred this fee is waived.


For any X-rays you may need at the initial consultation.


For any CT scans you may require once treatment has been accepted. Often these costs are refunded if you proceed with treatment. Please ask your dentist.

£Variable - depends on treatment required

It is impossible to predict a precise cost without meeting you but a single dental implant/tooth can be a few thousand pounds whereas a full mouth rehabilitation of teeth attached to dental implants with an on-site anaesthetist, complex grafting procedures and same-day provisional teeth can represent a significant investment .

We are still very competitively priced compared to other dental clinics where implant treatment is usually more of a one-off, exotic or occasionally offered treatment. Both Nadim Safdar and James Kleiber limit their clinical work to dental implants.

Where does all that money go?

Remember that your implantologist is a highly skilled surgeon who is investing all the time on things such as:

  • Training being an implant dentist and technician is a constant cycle of further training so that your surgeon and his colleagues can implement the latest techniques that you would expect
  • Eye-wateringly expensive equipment e.g. scanners and CADCAM technology
  • Precision engineering and highly complex off-the-shelf and bespoke components
  • Time spent with you (a typical single-tooth implant case may take approx. 8 appointments (including initial visit, treatment, review visits and final restoration).
  • The cost of providing wide-ranging guarantees that all patients benefit from
  • The cost of regulation and insurance which, sadly, is growing all the time