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Dental treatment fees

Our fees vary depending on whether you are under the NHS, have a Denplan contract, or come as a Private patient. Denplan Care is largely comparable to Private dentistry and treatment under the NHS offers a limited range of materials and treatment options.

Private Dental Fees

Private treatment is offered on a pay as you go basis. A basic price-list is shown below. After consultation, your dentist will explain your options and the costs involved and give you a printed treatment plan in which the fees will be fully illustrated. Some items of treatment (such as cosmetic work, dental implants or reconstruction) are complex and the costs for that can only be determined by consultation with your dentist.





X-rays (small)


Scale & Polish


Fillings (white composite or amalgam)

single surface

from £75.00

2 surface

from £105.00

3 surface

from £145.00

Root canal treatment:

1 root

from £140.00

2 roots

from £190.00

3 roots

from £250.00



Crown & Bridgework (precious metal overlaid with ceramic)

Single unit

from £430.00


Full set of upper and lower dentures

from £510.00

Denture repairs

from £65.00

Other Treatments

Tooth Whitening

from £320.00


from £75.00

Sports Guard

from £85.00

In all cases, written estimates will be provided by your dentist



Denplan is a care contract between the dental clinic and you in which you pay a set monthly fee.  The fee varies depending on the state of your dental health and starts from £13 per month.  Once a member, you are covered for the following:

  • Check-ups, x-rays and thorough cleaning by a dental hygienist – twice per year (or more often by prior arrangement).
  • Fillings, root canals, gum treatment.
  • Crown and bridgework, dentures and other prosthesis (although you will have to pay the laboratory production fee).


Signing up for Denplan is very easy.  There are no credit-checks and no minimum tie-in period but we will need your bank details to set up the monthly standing order.

Want to know more about Denplan click here .


The government sets the fee a patient will pay for NHS treatment and this sometimes changes annually on April 1st.  There are 3 bands of treatment and you will be required to pay one of 3 amounts:

BAND A  £20.60  - check-ups, scale and polish, xrays.

BAND B  £56.30 – anything in band A plus fillings, root fillings and gum work.

BAND C  £244.30 – anything in band A and B plus an item(s) requiring laboratory production e.g. a crown or a denture.

If you are exempt from dental charges then you will pay nothing at all. 

For more information about NHS charges click here